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Friday, 29 April 2011

The Stylish Blogger Award

Evening everyone,
I'm back again as promised to finish what I started. I received my award (yippee!!) from my lovely new follower Lolis at the beginning of the week and have only just had time to respond(sorry! I feel bad leaving it so long) Anyway better late than never, here goes....

To receive this award the rules to be followed are:

Step 1 Make a post linking back to the person who gave you the award.

Step 2 Share 8 random things about you.

Step 3 Award 8 recently discovered bloggers with this award.

Step 4 Contact these bloggers and tell them they have won the award.

Eight random facts about me, OMG where to begin! Lol

1. For the last two years I have been Chair person for the preschool that all three of my children
have attended.

2. May be crafting and blogging in France in the near future, if my husband has his way.

3. I would love to be on a challenge blog design team, but so far this has eluded me. (I will keep trying and never give up hope)

4. I love chocolate a little too much and really should start exercising more!

5. My husband and I honeymooned in Mexico where we swam with dolphins and rode horses in the sea.

6. I would love to own a dog again, our two boxers died three years ago and miss them sooooo much.

7. I'm blessed to have had three wonderful children that bring me happiness every day.

8. I'm a Christian and although I don't go to church, I do try and read the Bible to better understand the faith I have.

One of the reasons I took so long with this post is because I had to do a little bit of what blogging is all about and go out there and visit new blogs. This to some is second nature but I somehow never have the time for this part of it. However, a few blog hops later and after a bit more searching and delving, I found loads of new blogs I never knew existed and wondered why I'd never took the time to do it before-it was great! Anyway, the long and short of it means I have eight recently discovered bloggers to give the award to, and they are:

1. Magali

2. Jane

3. Tiara

4. Jenny

5. Chris

6. Ashlee

7. Becca

8. Pat

Thanks for bearing with me and now I'm off to do the last thing on the list. Check out Lolis' blog and all those I've listed if you get a minute, they are all fantastic!
Thanks for stopping by and wading through all that!
Love Nicola xxx

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