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Monday, 18 July 2011

A Blog Award!

Hi sweet friends,
I got given this mouth-watering blog award from my great blogging friend Jacki(thanks again this is so kind !)

Seven random things about me!

1. When working as a waitress I was very priveledged to serve the American Ambassador!

2. Had a hernia operation when I was seven

3. I love making unusual shaped cards and 3D projects

4. I love horse riding but don't have time to participate in this hobby at the moment

5. My mum and dad used to be a host family for French students when I was at school.

6. My favourite singer at the moment is Jessie J.

7. Favourite season has to be summer, lovely weather (most of the time) and plenty of opportunity to get outside and enjoy the fresh air with the kids.

Sorry I'm afraid I've had to bottle out of giving the award to just eight other fellow bloggers as it would offend too many of my lovely followers and DT buddies, so feel free to take the award if you are kind enough to leave me a comment! (Hope this is acceptable!)


1 comment:

Mary J said...

I know what you mean Nicola - it's always difficult to choose friends to pass the awards on to! Well done on yours and thx for sharing those interesting facts!

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